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do i study for my driving license test, or do i keep watching cycling nerds ? B-D

rivaiin said: forever reblogs no sera follow forever gay con dislexia

calla coño, qe todavia estoy con sueño 


someday ill do one of those follow forever things but like, with friendos and people i admire

someday when im not a fuckin lazy ass

@gdbyerror said: its called robosexual with small adjustments

what a beautiful sexuality i have

am i pansexual??? or am i bisexual???

im only interested in girls, non binary people, monsters and giant robots , probably

!!!! thank u for the promo cuties!!! <33

hey ,lets make it to the 2000 followers before summer ends pls!!!!! 


bang bang shoot shoot

I’m not really sure. But look, my human!Genie again. Also, transparent.


So, is it Makishima’s birthday today? Uh. This is not exactly birthday related ahahah!