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Their next game is called SOMA and tbh I’M HYPED. The only reason MFP sucked is because Frictional Games handed it over to the Chinese Room and TCR is good at point and click but not uh… like 1st person horror :S

YEAH ME TOO!!!! si nce i watched that kind of trailer they released, i m just adsdjasf???? it’s all i want and need in a game!!! and i heard something like that, like they were working together and thats why in the official site they put a china map while they were working on it??? dunno~ sti ll, i hope SOMA’s as good as amnesia o r even better

actualbard said: // shrugs ?? hopefully it will. also sorry i just saw this but personally i watch markiplier a lot but if you preffer i guess. calmer lets players Cryaotic is pretty good? idk if he played machine for pigs though

nah i really prefer to follow the story calmly as if i was the one playing it, dunno… not sure either, as i’m not a lot into lets plays :-T i’ll check it!

nah im not spending money in the game at all B-( i’ll wait for their next game! tho i was really curious, i swear the concept art and the monsters’ designs got me super excited, but if the game’s dynamics really work that way…. meh. they did a pretty shitty job B( what a cool continuation it could have been!!!!

  • person: get your license
  • me: The Road Is A Terrifying Place And I Am Very Afraid To Drive

edlems said: ye, i found it pretty boringcompared to the first game

there’s nothing like the good ol’ game B-) might try playing it or something anyway, im just so curious, and all the opinions im getting are making me even more curious!

do u know what i hate?? when tumblr unfollows people for u without even telling u :/

tbh the fandom’s just very split on it. you either love or hate it, apparently, and i personally loved it.

i personally haven’t played it, so i can’t really give my opinion. i loved the concept art, it promised so much, the idea was super neat, i really wanted to play it!!! but after i was told that they used the same textures they use in amnesia: tdd and that the story wasn’t so good….well, i didn’t think about spending my money on it :T ill have to watch gameplays or something to see it by myself!

actualbard said: you’d be better off just watching a lets play or something tbh. it was a pretty short game and it just.. wasnt nearly as good as a dark descent was. it had potential of course but it still wasnt that good

the concept art was so promising, and then when i was told about it it was just??? really bad apparently. i hope they don’t fuck up with this new sci-fi game they’re doing now, because it looks just great and hhhhh gosh i h ope it’s good :>c


whatever you do don’t look at it


I guess tonight is an amnesia night